Do you want to concentrate on something other than the pandemic?

Do you crave conversations with other humans that don’t revolve around statistics and dread? Miss your church friends?

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

- II Timothy 3:16-17 -

Need to escape a little bit?

We’re starting four Virtual Book Clubs (VBC). “Virtual” meaning you will be safe in your home the entire time, but you will connect with your club members via teleconference or video conference. Something to look forward to. A schedule to hold yourself accountable to. A pattern — a cycle — of goodness. We need this.

how to join?

On this page, you will see a short video of each moderator describing their club’s book and how to find the book online. If you are interested in reading that book with the club, you will also see an email address to respond to the moderator.

What will happen next?: The moderator will get emails of persons interested in reading with them. They will email you back with information on how to join the initial teleconference call. During that call, you will collectively determine meeting logistics.

where to get the books?

(Click  on the download icon below to the left of the book you want to purchase (or you can click on any of the alternative download sites to get the book.)

Alternative Download Sites:

it's not "my thing"

“I read, but I’ve never belonged to a book club. It’s not ‘my thing’” Really? Are masks your thing? Is sanitizing groceries your thing? We haven’t seen ‘our things’ in quite some time. We are 100% out of our norms. The VBC is a low-barrier opportunity to try something out of your box to see if it brings you some joy. You need more joy. We all do!

Meet your vbc moderators

Each of the moderators is from a different demographic group. Why? So we end up with four different books, and you end up with a broader choice of which to join. The choice is yours.